If you have worked with countless other coaches and worry about investing I tell you to forget about everything because this woman will blow your mind! I was about to quit my business because for five years I was struggling to make enough money to justify the time I was spending. I was so tired of spending endless hours building and doing everything other gurus suggested and not getting anywhere fast. Arooj looked at how I was wasting time and immediately told me to stop doing things, and I thought she was crazy. But she showed me easier ways to get the same amount of work done. Now I have so much more time on my hands that I can actually go out and do things without having to worry about losing clients. And the best part is I am now making more money in a month than I did all last quarter. Listen to her, sign up and actually follow the steps. She will hold you accountable and you might even hate her at the time but if you keep working with her you will be super happy.

~ Amy Sullivan