What you Can Expect to Learn From My Program

  • Leverage your time with the highest impact skill set
  • Attract clients begging to buy your products
  • Sell yourself with power
  • Create systems to automate your business
  • Increase customer satisfaction by creating feedback loops
  • Test if your business will survive the ups and downs of economic rollercoasters
  • Manage your cash flow so you never run out
  • Invest wisely while taking profits.

My Journey to Next Level Business Coaching

I wasn’t always a business strategist, no in fact I too had a soul sucking corporate job while building two successful passion based businesses.

And it was literally killing me!

Juggling the never ending tasks, managing the fragile ego of a narcissistic partner while depending on heavy medications to breathe, I was one bad day away from death.

My perfectly curated sub-urban life fell apart suddenly with a gut wrenching discovery of betrayal that tested my faith, sanity and will to live.

Devastated, depressed and barely surviving I left the toxic relationship, dissolved two six-figure businesses, quit the corporate job and fled 1500 miles across the country to start fresh! This traumatic event forced me to stop living life on default and instead create the life I desired.

Now I use my MBA in Global Management and Entrepreneurship and decades of experience building businesses from scratch to help women avoid the mistakes I made. So they can quickly quadruple their income, work with the dream clients immediately and start creating life on THEIR TERMS INSTANTLY!

I am a strategy ninja, armed with marketing hacks and copy writing genius that makes me uniquely qualified to help you get to the bottom of any business issue. I have never met a puzzle that I didn’t love to solve and my holistic approach to business is proven to get RAPID RESULTS!

Tri-Amp Method 63-Day Business Accelerator

Arooj Ashraf's business accelerator program applies the foundations of the Tri-Amp Method to help women set up their start up business to scale to 7 figures by implementing marketing and automation strategies .

This intensive coaching program is not for the faint-of-heart, weak-kneed, nay-sayers who love wallowing in the darkness of inaction and enjoy the hamster wheel of same-ole same-ole inefficient tactics of decades past.

This is for the savvy, action taking, adaptable huntress with a passion for market domination and lofty dreams of running a successful business empire WITHOUT sacrificing time with loved ones and part taking in activities she absolutely LOVES.

What You Will Learn:

  • Profitable Decisions: What actions are driving your cashflow and how to optimize results from minimum actions
  • KPI: Are you measuring the right metrics for growing business?
  • Gaps Assessment: Identify the money leaks in your business
  • Partnerships for Profits: Connecting with partners that will accelerate growth.
  • Millionaire Habits: Implementing profitable habits to keep you at peak performance.

Tri-Amp Elite

TriAmp Method Elite Program is a mastermind for business women interested in scaling their business to 7 figures with laser focused mentorship and business acceleration services like brand, design, PR and social media management.

Being a solo-entrepreneur can become isolating. This VIP program designed for the high achieving no-nonsense business woman who loves interacting with like-minded ambitious women and finds collaborative spaces exhilarating but is seeking the 1:1 coaching to truly identify her unique challenges.

This program includes a team of experts delivering high value content and creates an environment of accountability.

Combined power of group calls and individual sharp focused strategy sessions, guarantee a constant flow of creative solutions with the luxury of working at your own pace to scale your business.

This program is only open to a limited number of women every year. Application required.

What You’ll Achieve:

  • Magnetic Message that will attract a pipeline of ideal clients ready to pay in full
  • Systems that will automate redundant tasks giving you back time for money generating activities
  • Branding that will resonate and promote your services even if you are on vacation
  • A leaders mindset and persona

Elite Membership Includes:

  • Social Media Management
  • Personal Branding Design
  • Quarterly Business Expert Sessions for Professional Development
  • PR features and stories
  • Expert content creation

Rapid SomaEnergetic Transformation Session

RESET: Rapid SomaEnergetics Transformation helps reduce anxiety and decision paralysis by utilizing thera energy, body movement and NLP to reframe mindset and imposter syndrome to help busy business owners thrive with confidence..

Feeling stuck and unsure why?

Limiting beliefs, self sabotage and imposter syndrome are common among high achievers. Usually there are subconscious beliefs at work that hinder success. These show up as lack of motivation, disorganization, procrastination.

Or sometimes as avoiding taking chances or pursuing opportunities because we feel unworthy or inadequate.

I designed RSET to help myself heal from the trauma of narcissistic abuse and finally overcome the invisible wounds on my soul. I was tired of the unprovoked anxiety attacks, the sneaky remnants of imposter syndrome distracting me. I dove desperately at first into spiritual healing, and psychological practices. I spent countless hours and thousands in search for the remedy and found three things that transcended my personal experience. I became a certified reiki practitioner, then theta healer, and NLP practitioner.

RSET is a combination of reiki and theta healing modalities, body work and neuro-lingustic programing (NLP). The trifecta effect gets to the root cause of behavior that sabotages success and reprograms the belief. Think of RSET as self-development on steroids with results so rapid they almost feel like magic.

I streamlined my daily practice for the busy business owner who has already spent hours journaling her feelings, and diving into her subconscious blocks with meditation, emotional freedom tapping but they continue to persist every time she uplevels. I shared it with friends who spent years seeking professional counseling and therapy without noticeable reprieve. All reported a sense of calm, an ability to manage and self regulate emotions.

This tool has become a standard part of my work with overworked and stressed entrepreneurs. The call will provide clarity on identifying the root causes of anxiety and fears. With a quick healing session and simple tools that can be used as needed.