implement 3-success secrets of every 7 figure business

Imagine if you had the key to success for building a thriving online business without having to jump through a thousand hoops, duct-taping together technology, chasing after difficult clients. Only to be left in the dust, barely making ends meet.

If you’re a solo entrepreneur, you know the challenges of working alone. You may have some trauma in your past that makes it hard to take risks and make decisions.

We’ll teach you how to use our proven methods for overcoming limiting beliefs and fears so that you can get more done each day, while still having time for yourself. You will feel less stressed out about work because we’ll show you how to prioritize what really matters most at any given time by identifying the right projects and activities for your goals.

Triple Amplifier (TriAmp) Method is a premiere business accelerator created by Arooj Ashraf, an award winning international best selling author and multi-passionate entrepreneur, that will help any solo entrepreneurs grow and scale business in record time!

Triple Amplifier: Secret of 7 Figure Businesses

Ever wonder how seemingly ordinary folks are able to thrive and build a life of their dreams? They command attention, loyal clients, and become notable authority in their industry overnight. It’s like they have the secret to success.

The best thing about success is that it leaves clues and you are about to discover the same evidence based framework for yourself.

The TriAmp Method combines three secret weapons for business growth and profit to build 7 figure businesses online. These include: (1) brand marketing, which is the first critical step in growth as it establishes your credibility with customers; (2) automation systems, which provide time-saving tools you can use so you’re not constantly running around like a crazy person trying to keep up with your business; and (3) prosperity mindset – investing in yourself will automatically make every part of your life better.

With this framework, you’ll be able to reach your goals by achieving results that go far beyond what you previously thought was possible! It builds 7-figure incomes faster than ever before with no guesswork on how to grow and market your business.

With the Triple Amplifier (Tri-AMP) Method solo-entrepreneurs in service and product based businesses have seen the following results.

✔ Established themselves as experts commanding high fees, with ideal clients raising their hands to pay in full.

✔ Streamlined processes and implemented systems that reduced ‘busy work’ while increasing their productivity.

✔ Redefined their limiting beliefs and banished imposter syndrome so they are able to make profitable decisions in both business and personal lives.

✔ Exceeded their income goals and established healthy money habits to reinvest in and scale their business and personal passions.

The payoff of applying the method is a “massively” accelerated growth and multi-million-dollar profits. TriAmp Method makes it possible to quickly build big businesses online with minimal time investment. And without the hustle and grind taught by typical marketing gurus.

Who Is This For?

✔ Are you a solo business owner looking to build a sustainable business?

✔ Do you have an idea that will change lives but just don’t know how to make money from it?

✔ Are you tired of jumping from course to course trying to piece together a business that predictably produces positive cash flow?

✔ Are you willing to ditch the imposter syndrome and claim your dreams?

✔ Are you tired of bouncing incredible ideas with your cat only to be snubbed?

✔ Are you stuck in decision paralysis; unsure of how to prioritize the 19 hats you wear?

✔ Are you desperate to reclaim your time and energy and finally have business bringing in the cash rather than a J.O.B. ( Just Over Broke)?

✔ Are you overwhelmed by the excessive noise and “one magic solution” being offered online that never solve your problems?

✔ Does technology and social media feel so overwhelming that you retreat in fear?


✔ Work with ideal clients who rave about your product and services without engaging in sleazy tactics

✔ Optimize decision making skills and lead with confidence

✔ Nurture profitable habits that reclaim personal time so you can be present with your loved ones

✔ Create a business that generates profits without monthly launches, unhealthy addiction to social media posting and jumping on the endless ‘like and follow trains’ to gain traction.

✔ Are you an introvert who would rather chill with your cat rather than attend another exhausting networking event desperately scraping connections to build a community?

Ready to stop duct-taping your business?

Then you have come to the right place.

My name is Arooj Ashraf and I am NOT the average business coach or consultant.

Nope! You read that right.

I am a zero fluff, in your face, rapid-fire Brand Strategy and Growth ninja who loves RESULTS.

Not just the instant mix, no bake results, but life-changing, mind-blowing AAA-HAA results that transforms the way you view obstacles and crush them instantaneously.

My superpower is helping business founders ditch the 9 to 5 forever so they can focus on leveraging their passions to build wealth!

I have created multiple six figure businesses that combined my passion for writing, photography and design. Lead million dollar nonprofit organizations devoted to diversity and multinational business relationships. With an MBA in Global Management & Entrepreneurship, my zone of genius is streamlining ideas to execution. I thrive on helping business owners discover the sweet spot between their skills and passion so they can increase their profits without losing their minds.

TriAmp Method is not a course that you enroll in and forget about. This is a holistic business accelerator that will shift your mindset, inspire laser focused action and help you dominate your industry with confidence. Reap the fruits of your passion and hardwork without juggling responsibilities like a clown being just one funnel away from a severe mental breakdown.

So are you the kind of person who loves to be challenged?

Do you have the competitive edge and hunger to achieve what most consider impossible?

Are you a chronic overachiever and perfectionist ready to let loose and actually have fun?

If your response to the Nay-sayers is: WATCH ME DO IT! Then I invite you to join my mission of achieving one million dollars business in just one year.

This program is not for the faint hearted or thin skinned.

It is also not for network marketers.

It is for the women and men tired of having to piece together information from a dozen gurus only to find it contradictory and confusing. It is designed for action takers who have tried all the tactics and hype and now just want to focus on revenue generating skills.

My mission is to help solo entrepreneurs discover their unique path to prosperity so they can elevate their communities and live healthy, wealthy lives.

Why a 7 figure business?

In the U.S.A. 82% of a small businesses fail because of poor cashflow.

~ Small Business Commerce Study U.S. Bank

My emphasis of a 7-figure business is not because it is the latest trend and hype to become a millionaire. In fact, those looking for the glitz and glam of a seven figure lifestyle will be several disappointed by my down to earth and modest personality. I define wealth as a combination of achieving irreplaceable resources; health, peace of mind, and loving long-term relationships.

However, in my 15 years of experience working with entrepreneurs I have seen first hand what negative cash-flow looks and feels like. I have seen incredibly kind hearted and talented people survive on month to month because they lacked the skills to package, or deliver their services or products.

I have seen parents devote their energy to sustaining a business to provide financial security for their families while the eldest child had to burden the responsibility of becoming the defacto parent.

I have seen families lose their only source of income and become homeless when the business collapsed because the owner died of a heart-attack from being overworked and stressed.

Business ownership is the ultimate dream for many but working to the bone and barely surviving is the hard reality. Too many small businesses are just one bad month or accident away from bankruptcy.

Eighty two percent is an unacceptable statistics, and changing this is my WHY for creating the TriAmp Method. By implementing the three core elements I help business owners solve their greatest blocks to profitability. And my definition of true wealth that includes, health, peace and loving relationships are all achieved by a seven figure business.

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How the TriAmp Method Works

A business requires many elements to function together to produce results. It is like an engine, where each part plays an integral role and must be applied in sequence. The genius of the TriAmp Method is simplifying the process and eliminating the guesswork to success. As implied by the name Triple Amplifier, there are three amplification phases or the ART (Attract, Retain, Transform). Each phase uses evidence based methods that level up and scale results without overwhelm or burnout.

The 9 Steps Roadmap to 10x ROI

  1. Mindset Audit
  2. Skills Assessment
  3. Habit Mastery
  4. Productization
  5. Strategic Systems
  6. Automate
  7. Amplify Authority
  8. Power Positioning
  9. Market Domination
TriAmp Method is a three phase business accelerator that amplifies the power of branding, systems and mindset to position solo business owners as the experts in their industry so they can attract, retrain and transform their clients while scaling their business to 7 figures without overwhelming marketing tactics.

Podcast: A Million in One

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